The Essential Buyer’s Guide to eCommerce Data and Analytics

A Jumpshot eBook

eCommerce retail data is growing in complexity. Here's how to get the precise data, including your competitors'.

With more players (brands and retailers) entering the eCommerce market every day, it’s hard for brands to measure their true performance, across every eCommerce sales channel. 3rd party data evaluate online sales, marketing efforts and competitor analysis.

Read this ebook to get answers to the important questions, such as:

  • Which aspects of the shopper journey should brands collect and care about?
  • How do brands easily assess their performance across multiple online marketplaces?
  • How do brands best determine which data providers they can trust?
  • What competitive intelligence, competitive insights, and competitor analysis will give them a market advantage?

Discover why brands need to dig deeper into data and the best evaluation criteria to use when considering a data provider.

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