Retail Winners, Losers
and Amazon

A Jumpshot eCommerce Data Report

2018 was both brutal and beautiful for digital retailers.

Brick-and-mortar closures and bankruptcies mirrored online woes for some, while others seem to find their niches and thrive. Who beat expectations and who faltered?

Get a comprehensive, data-driven look into “Retail Winners, Losers and Amazon” to understand:

  • Which electronics retailer saw transactions fall 22% from 2017

  • Which retailers aced paid search to profit from private labels

  • How Etsy and Wayfair differentiated themselves against heavies like Amazon and Walmart

  • Detailed stats from a diverse range of retailers, including Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Barnes & Noble, Gamestop and Office Depot

  • What new revenue sources drives Amazon's dominance

Get the insights you need to boost sales in the most competitive eCommerce landscape ever.

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