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Google Uncensored:

How Hidden Trends in Queries, Clicks, and Consumer Behavior 
Are Redefining Search

Google is by far the biggest factor in internet behavior, driving ten times as much traffic as any other source online. We partnered with Rand Fishkin of Sparktoro and Britney Muller of Moz to show you just how dominant Google is and what that might mean for your search strategy.

Using Jumpshot's panel of 100 million devices, we scrutinized data from 24 billion searches conducted by consumers since January 2016 to tackle some of the most fundamental questions about Google and Amazon today, including:

    1. How big is web search?: Is it growing or shrinking? How have search volumes on Google compared to Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, DuckDuckGo? And what’s the role of that search on web behavior at large?

    2. Where does traffic go after a Google search?: How much traffic does Google drive to various sites compared to Google’s own sites? Where do localized search terms tend to lead consumers? What are the latest trends in click-through rates for paid and organic searches? Are “zero-click searches” on the rise?

    3. How does search behavior on Google differ from search behavior on Amazon?: How and where do consumers search for products? How do product search patterns change across product categories and on branded and non-branded terms? How do search behaviors change across the customer journey, from upper-funnel product discovery to lower-funnel research and purchase?

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