The Competitive State of the U.K. eCommerce Market

A Jumpshot eCommerce Data Report

Amazon is currently the leader in U.K. eCommerce, but how long will this last? Is there a clear challenger who can unseat them, or will they die a death by 1,000 cuts and be outperformed by multiple niche players?

Get a comprehensive, data-driven look into “The Competitive State of the U.K. eCommerce Market” to understand:

  • Amazon’s true dominance across 15 major product categories and how fast they’re growing in each
  • Which retailer is outpacing Amazon’s growth and growing 32% faster than the marketplace at large
  • Whether or not Marks & Spencer can make its online strategies pay off, and which categories show their strengths
  • Just how competitive some categories can be with detailed breakdowns that show which domains are strongest and where

Read the report to get the insights you need to boost sales in the competitive eCommerce landscape!

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