The Competitive State of
eCommerce Marketplaces

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Amazon has over 80% market share across numerous eCommerce categories but its growth has slowed. So, which eCommerce retailers are growing faster than Amazon? And who is the leader in product search - Amazon or Google?

The answer remains unclear for brands and retailers in the Amazon Era. The site can be an incredibly efficient partner to move inventory, or a fierce competitor with sizable advantages in almost every product category.

Get an inside look into the “Competitive State of eCommerce Marketplaces” to understand:

  • Which categories Amazon is the most and least dominant in. Has its growth plateaued?
  • How Walmart is growing across different categories compared to Amazon
  • Which retailers are growing market share in different categories such as Furniture, Clothing, etc.
  • How Amazon is doing as a search platform - and who is the leader in product search?

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