ANA Data & Measurement Conference with Jumpshot

Event Follow-up

Whether you attended ANA Data & Measurement Conference, or missed your chance, you can still meet the Jumpshot team to learn how to unlock our robust online behavioral data and capabilities. 

Our eCommerce experts would love to speak with you about how our data and insights can fuel your brand's eCommerce strategy. 

    • Dive in to our data to understand the complete path to purchase, right down to individual products, events, searches and devices. Uncover the 'why' behind buying behaviors and brand loyalty.
    • Ask the questions you really want answered: dissect online behaviors like search, streaming, and buying actions. Look singularly or aggregated for a full understanding of your industry.
    • Import the data to whatever database or platform you need for your analysis. It’s all delivered in delimited text, via S3 bucket, so you have ultimate control.

About Jumpshot

Jumpshot is the only company that unlocks walled-garden data to empower marketers to target and expand their customer base. Our real-time, opt-in global panel tracks five billion actions a day across 100 million devices to deliver insights into online consumer behavior. Jumpshot works with customers including Unilever, Sephora, Google, Condé Nast, and Kantar, among others.

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