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5 Strategies for Profitable Brand-Retailer Partnerships

A Matchmakers Guide

Brands and retailers have been frenemies for years.

But today, brands and retailers are partnering in new and creative ways, driven by the opportunities of eCommerce and the pressures of Amazon’s dominance.

Watch this on-demand webinar exploring ecommmerce marketing strategies for successful brand-retailer partnerships. You'll learn:

    • How to find and evaluate potential high-growth partners
    • Data-driven approaches for matching the personas of brands and retailers
    • How DTC brands can create growth by working with retailers and not around them

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Meet the Speakers


Dr. Stephen Kraus is Head of Digital Insights for Jumpshot Inc. Author of three books, Steve speaks widely on digital trends, and holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from Harvard University. Jumpshot is “the eCommerce currency,” and comprehensively measures the digital world with its panel of more than 100 million digital consumers. 


Steve Levay is Communications Manager at Jumpshot, tasked with recognizing trends and uncovering insights within Jumpshot's behavioral datasets. He has ten years of experience thinking and writing about consumer behavior in a range of contexts from luxury travel to eCommerce to streaming media.

Brittany Sudlow is Product Marketing Manager for Jumpshot. Working at the intersection of product and marketing, she excels at leveraging Jumpshot data to answer specific business questions.

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