The Top Digital
Trends for 2019

What Brands and Retailers Need to
Know to Thrive in the Year Ahead

Explore the top digital trends that will reshape markets and consumer behavior in 2019. 

Access the results shared by Jumpshot's Head of Digital Insights, Dr. Stephen Kraus, of our latest analysis of 1.8 billion digital transactions and learn:

    • Amazon Insights: See behind Amazon’s walled garden with rarely seen data about Amazon’s top products, conversion rates, and onsite search activity--highlighting new areas of opportunity for brands and competing retailers in 2019.
    • Winners & Losers: What trends and brands won the Internet in 2018? And who got left behind? Who is poised to win or lose in 2019?
    • The Battle for TOFU Dominance: Google, Amazon and Facebook are locked in a battle to dominate the “top of the funnel” (TOFU) – we’ll explore how their (very different) strategies will continue evolving in the coming year.
    • Category Outlooks: See detailed growth prospects and emerging trends across key categories such as retail, CPG, home, travel and financial services

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About the presenter:

Stephen Kraus is Head of Digital Insights for Jumpshot, and is recognized as a leading expert on digital trends and consumer behavior. Author of three books, Steve’s insights are regularly quoted in the media. He has given hundreds of presentations, and his TEDx talk explored how economic bifurcation is fundamentally changing consumer behavior, and the American Dream itself. Steve holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from Harvard University.

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